Employee Management

Essential for maintaining accurate records and facilitating HR processes, including statuses, types, genders, marital statuses, payment intervals, methods, and relations.

  • My Info

  • Displays user-specific personal and professional details like name, address, job title, and background.

  • Employees

  • Presents detailed information of all employees, with options to edit and manage their data.

  • Org Chart

  • Visual representation of the company's internal structure, showing roles, responsibilities, and reporting relationships.


Time Off Management

Flexible leave options for employees, including paid time off and sick leave, for better work-life balance.

  • My Time Off

  • Employees can request leaves; higher roles can apply for others, with efficient leave tracking.

  • My Company Time Off

  • View all employees' time off for easy monitoring.

  • Pending Request

  • Employees see their leave requests awaiting approval; managers and HR review, with HR having final say.


Performance Management

Tracks and evaluates employee performance, identifying strengths and weaknesses for individual and organizational improvement.

  • Performance Goals

  • Allows setting and tracking of goals, with progress monitoring and feedback provision.

  • my Goals

  • Employees view and update their progress on assigned objectives.

  • Performance Review

  • Facilitates comprehensive evaluations, allowing goal assignors to rate and provide feedback based on individual performance.


Reporting/HR Analytics

Provides HR professionals and employees with efficient access to information and task completion, streamlining processes and data retrieval for enhanced productivity.

  • Files

  • Enables HR to manage and access documents easily, promoting organization, data integrity, and efficient record-keeping.

  • Assets

  • Assists in effective asset management, tracking resource distribution and allocation within the organization.


Onboarding & Offboarding

Onboarding streamlines new employee integration with task lists, role-specific information, and progress tracking whereas offboarding manages exiting employee processes with customizable task lists and status updates specific to their roles.

  • Onboarding

  • Displays onboarding details with editable titles, descriptions, and status, allowing creation and assignment of task lists for new and old employees tailored to their roles.

  • Offboarding

  • Lists offboarding information with editable titles, descriptions, and status, facilitating the creation and assignment of task lists for employees leaving, customized to their specific roles.


Learning Management System

A platform for organizing and managing learning resources, offering access to training materials and courses, and tracking course completions and assessments.

  • Courses

  • Enables employees to create courses with videos, images, and quizzes, and assign them to others, offering certifications for successful completion.

  • Enrollment

  • Displays assigned courses for employee enrollment.

  • My Learning

  • Shows employee's course progress, including video playback from last stop, and provides quizzes and certifications upon course completion.


Timesheet Management

Streamlines project management and time tracking, allowing creation and assignment of projects in one place.

  • Project

  • Enables adding new projects with key details like name, team, and dates.

  • Timesheet Review

  • Shows detailed view of each project for easy monitoring.


Payroll Management

Streamlines payroll management with comprehensive tools for tax slabs, allowances, deductions, overtime, social security, and policy assignment, ensuring accurate and compliant payroll processing.

  • Tax Slab

  • Manages tax calculations with flexible tax slab settings for different countries.

  • Allowance & Deduction

  • Allows adding allowance and deduction details like name, frequency, and applicability.

  • Overtime

  • Calculates overtime rates based on working hours, with automated pay rate adjustments.

  • Social Security

  • Defines social security contributions with options for employee and employer contributions.

  • Payroll Policy

  • Assigns tailored payroll policies to employees based on specific criteria.

  • Payslip

  • Offers payslip creation with a new template, enabling customization with variables and company details.


Recruitment Management

Simplified application process with regular updates.

  • Job Openings

  • HR creates and posts new jobs after supervisor and admin approvals.

  • Candidates

  • Easy management of candidate details, communication, and document uploads.

  • Reports

  • Overview of hiring status, offers, and candidate reports for specific positions